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Reviewed by: starto on: 2014-05-26
I am used to very good chinese food, as I seek out a good spot for my monthly chinese food cravings. I would say the portions were good and the prices good. the food was o.k, not bad, its a personal preference for taste. I d rate it 3 outta 5
Reviewed by: Terrellfurlow on: 8/27/2013 7:35:32 PM
This had to be the worst chicken curry I ever taste, I don't know if the chicken was ever real meat.. It look soo delicious be it taste like soap I will never eat here again
Reviewed by: Kourtney W. on: 8/25/2012 9:27:00 PM
I have visited Nihao twice.My first experience was during dinner time and like many other Yelp-er reviews the restaurant was put on my radar due to the abundance of flyers left on my apartment door (which have finally stopped! whoohoo!). Although the parking lot of the strip mall is very small i was able to get parking easily.My dinner service was filled with the children of the employees filling up on soda and slushy drinks and playing games on one of the tables. Anytime kids are playing a game as intense as 'Move as Many Puzzle Pieces as You Can Before Your Big Sister Sees' a haughty dispute is bound to erupt! The children ran some interference which I think caused my order to run longer to come out and my waitress' patience to run short. Although my order took longer than I would have expected I had some entertaining youngsters to ebb my inner hunger dragon and a quite tasty bowl of hot and sour soup.My soup broth had full body taste not runny like many soups. The tofu and mushrooms had a nice kick of red pepper. I tossed in some of the crispy won ton strips they bring out with duck or sweet and sour sauce and BANG my taste buds dipped a shoulder in anticipation of the garlic shrimp plate to come.My plate came out steaming hot, with a heaping mound of steamed broccoli and rice. The garlic sauce had a good flavor as well. However the shrimp was slightly undercooked, it had the slippery chewy texture going. If that texture is not a sign of undercooked shrimp then I am just not a fan of however it was prepared.My second visit was today during lunch. There was quite a good buzz going and parking was tight. Some patrons were parked parallel in front of the business doors! I ordered the same thing, mainly because I'm a creature of habit and most of the lunch options are chicken dominated and I currently have an abhorrence for that particular bird.Even with a full house my order was taken promptly and courteously. My hot and sour soup soon followed along with an iced tea (1$more). I didn't fill up on soup and won tons this time and really took the time to taste my food. Although the portion was generous the best thing was the soup. I ate the rice and broccoli, and pushed my shrimp to the side. This time the shrimp had some batter on it like they were going to fry it but changed their mind and tossed them in or maybe it was just another way of preparation...that I now know I'm not a fan of either.I went to my purse to pay my tab which came out to 8.39 after taxes (plate, drink, egg roll, and soup) and much to my horror i couldn't find my WALLET! AS my anxiety was about to reach an attack worthy paramount I recalled where it was...At home next to my laptop where i was registering to pay for classes!0_0I'm thankful that Nihao is a family run restaurant because today they were more than kind and understanding that I had a mental lapse and let me go home to get my cash and pay without a second look. I left them my cell phone even though they did not ask me to, to show that i was coming back.They were not irritated nor short with me at all, and I know that If the shoe were on the other foot, I may have given one razor sharp side eye to someone for such shenanigans.Overall I think Nihao is a good lunch place if you need a change from fast food burger meals, and do not want to spend much money...but just don't forget your money !! There are other places with better execution but this place is good enough. Kind of like a mom and pop version of China Wok .The prices are low, the hours are late, the people are genuine.It's not a place I would frequent but I would come back.
Reviewed by: Basel A. on: 4/13/2012 4:35:00 AM
Much better than I expected, owners speak very little English and not that friendly, however the food was better than how the owners were ... ( it seems that it's more like a takeout delivery joint).We ate chicken lettuce wrap, orange chicken and seafood noodle in brown sauce, the noodles were great and every else was decent, the flavor in the orange chicken was good however the cut of chicken that they were using was, ehh! Maybe I can ask for white neat next time. I was disappointment with the chicken lettus because of the quantity of vegetables there were in the mix, more that the chicken, felt like a sauté! Didn't taste as spicy and full of flavor as I expected it ( red pepper, yaos, pf Chang)Don't compare this place to Peking cuisine , fungs kitchen, or kimson ( quality)I would definitely try this place again till I find their signature dish that they perfect. Every restaurant has one, I hope!!!3.5 stars
Reviewed by: Nick B. on: 1/29/2012 6:32:00 AM
This place is on a mission to flood my apartment complex in their take out menu fliers. I've had enough of these fliers blowing around in the parking lot, the lawn, and into the pool. This complex doesn't allow solicitation but they sneak in and and spread their fliers a couple times a week. Sorry, I wouldn't eat here if they paid mehttp://nihao1.chinesemen…
Reviewed by: Julie R. on: 1/8/2012 4:52:00 AM
Our family loves the food and the cost is pretty good too.
Reviewed by: cmgarcia_fisher on: 12/6/2012 8:50:24 AM
Where I work at we order atleast once a week and we all enjoy the food and I love there House Soup it is so GOOD! Keep making the food WONDERFUL....Thank you
Reviewed by: ladywitch70 on: 8/28/2012 4:31:49 PM
i saw the negative reviews and wasnt sure if i wanted to try this place but im glad my husband and i did.. we both enjoyed our meal. even though we order for delivery the lady taking our order was very nice and the gentleman who delivered our food was nice as well. i have nothing bad to say about the service nor the food. we will be making ni hao our chinese choice for this area. job well done. thank you.
Reviewed by: ch1t0wnbadb0y on: 8/28/2012 4:18:33 PM
I was greatly surprised. I love the food and the service. For about $ 35. we receives enough food to feed at least 4 people. This has been the best Chinese food I ate since I moved to this area. I normanly wont take the time to write my comments because everyone has there own taste but this is worth every cent. I will be eating here again
Reviewed by: rsaulnie on: 7/6/2012 9:29:36 PM
check out the dats and time
Reviewed by: 99problems on: 2012-05-01
Looks like the ratings are low: http://nihao1.chinesemenu.com/reviews.html
Reviewed by: AllenBradley on: 2012-05-01
Sanitation is sketchy. Avoid this if you value your health
Reviewed by: JohnB on: 2012-05-01
I got sick after eating here. Beware!
Reviewed by: hahahah on: 2012-05-01
All trolls. These comments are all made by people who own the restaurant. Believe none of it
Reviewed by: asdujclkj on: 5/1/2012 3:09:54 PM
I do not like
Reviewed by: asdkjfh on: 5/1/2012 3:09:17 PM
Not worth my time, dont waste yours time here either.
Reviewed by: asdopov on: 5/1/2012 3:01:43 PM
Your fliers piss me off, stop bringing them to my apartment complex. You are wasting paper and causing pollution. Shame on you
Reviewed by: asdhi on: 5/1/2012 3:00:54 PM
Was not pleased with the unfriendly service
Reviewed by: asdf on: 5/1/2012 3:00:08 PM
get better meat cuts
Reviewed by: tmdttpc on: 5/1/2012 2:59:12 PM
Stop putting fliers in my door!
Reviewed by: Caballeroluisantonio on: 2012-03-08
Visit nihoa first restaurant i really liked their food is very delicious friendly service, Thank you very much.
Reviewed by: jim_cross on: 2011-10-16
This is a wonderful family run restaurant. The wide selection makes it hard sometime to make up my mind what to try next. I cannot find any Chinese restaurant that even comes close to the freshness and quality that NIHAO offers. Wonderful!!!! Jim
Reviewed by: helen on: 2011-09-20
very good
Reviewed by: ThuleVet62 on: 2011-08-08
Beats the best San Francisco has. Great food, great atmosphere, wonderful waitress' and great prices.
Reviewed by: jeff on: 2011-07-21
In my opinion this place beats any other sushi place in Houston, the fish is fresh, the owners are the nicest people I may have ever met, and the serves is excellent. The prices are the cheapest I've ever seen for what there serving, its to bad that they barely get any customers though, no one knows about them. One of my favorite if not my favorite restaurant of all time.
Reviewed by: brian on: 2011-07-19
Hesitated to participate, as good places get overrun once they become known. But this family provides the best food at the best prices and deserves the recognition. I eat hear several times a week, or do take-out. Nothing original, but simply fantastic, fresh traditional chinese quesine. You will not be disappointed!
Reviewed by: xnbizheng on: 2011-06-24
I odered hot sour soup &singapore noodle,it tasted very good.
Reviewed by: jgblum17 on: 2010-11-01
NIHAO is the BEST Chinese Restaurant in town!! I eat here several times a week. You cannot beat their Eggplant with Garlic Sauce. Its the best!! I have also tried many other dishes here. The food is always fresh, tasty, and delicious!! JB